Our Vision

We strive to be a community of God’s people, to use our rich historical heritage and diverse faith backgrounds to understand and value all people, and continue to grow in our spiritual journey. As disciples for our Lord, we seek to serve God in this place and the world.

Our Goals

Effectively reach, inform and engage our congregation and the greater community using all available media and 21st century technology and tools.

Provide opportunities for all ages to develop a greater familiarity with the Bible and practice of the Christian Faith.

With careful stewardship and proper fiscal controls, effectively build and manage the church’s resources to further grow and enhance our mission and the work God is calling us to do.

Encourage faithful and regular participation in the life of the church by providing diverse and transformative worship services, engaging fellowship activities and life enrichment programs where we connect with God and one another.

Inform, excite and involve members of all ages in the full extension of our ministry to those in need throughout the community and around the world.