Susan Hastings

Class of 2022

Susan and her husband Bill have been members of CPC for 23 years. Susan has volunteered with Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, funeral receptions, along with serving on the Diaconate and serving as its moderator.

Susan considers herself a “cradle Christian” with a faith life that has been ecumenical: baptized as an infant by a Methodist minister, raised in a Baptist church, and married by a Methodist minister to a fifth generation Presbyterian. She and Bill have four children, all raised in the Presbyterian Church and living throughout the United States.

A retired Speech Language Pathologist, Susan worked for Chesterfield County Schools for many years. She enjoys traveling, hiking, reading and sketching, Being a member of the Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Christmas Mother committee keeps her immersed in her favorite holiday year-round. Susan dedicates herself to the things for which she is responsible.